2017 annual report

Insurance in a changing world


By Bernard Spitz,
President of the FFA


2017 annual report

Insurance in a changing world


Insurance dashboard

2017 insurance key figures


The French insurance market

Insurance is at the heart of French people’s lives. Through its ability to respond and its capacity for innovation, the insurance market offers private individuals, professionals and businesses, throughout metropolitan France and the overseas territories, products and services that match the changes in the way they live their lives.

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Protecting French people on a daily basis

Motor, home, businesses, health, prevention… insurers are working to offer French people protection tailored to their changing environment and their expectations.

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Developing long-term savings

Insurers support French people throughout their lives. They are by their side to help them finance long-term projects and support them in their retirement.

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Financing the productive economy

Insurers are major actors in financing the economy and are leading institutional investors in Europe. They support businesses of all sizes, and by doing so support the productive economy.

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Employment, training, dialigue between employers' and employees' representative bodies

With 146,800 employees and more than 13,000 new employees recruited each year, more than 60% of whom are under 30 years of age, insurance is a dynamic sector in terms of employment, training and dialogue between employers’ and employees’ representative bodies.

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The life of the French Insurance Federation

The French Insurance Federation brings together insurance and reinsurance undertakings operating in France: 262 companies accounting for more than 99% of the market.

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