Connected vehicle: 8 principles for a balanced ecosystem accessible to everyone

Connected vehicle: 8 principles for a balanced ecosystem accessible to everyone


To preserve European competitiveness and sovereignty, the Connected Mobility for All Alliance has drawn up a document that aims to facilitate the understanding of the different ways to access vehicle data and resources and specifies the main strategic, technical and economic challenges. To make the connected vehicle ecosystem balanced and accessible to all, eight principles to be implemented are also proposed. The goal is for the upstream and downstream branches of the automotive industry to develop common and shared solutions, in the fundamental interest of users.

The objectives of the Alliance are:

to carry out a technological review;
to adopt the most learning approach possible on subjects that are difficult for the uninitiated;
to make constructive proposals to ensure transparent and fair access to connected vehicle data for all stakeholders;
finally, to preserve freedom of choice for customers (motorists, users or vehicle owners) and to allow the emergence of innovative services around connected mobility.

The Alliance brings together the Alliance Nationale des Experts en Automobile1 (ANEA), the Automobile Club Association, the Conseil National des Professions de l’Automobile2 (CNPA), the French Insurance Federation (FFA), Mobivia, the Syndicat des Entreprises des Services Automobiles en LLD et des Mobilités3 (Sesamlld), the Union Française de l’Electricité4 (UFE) and the Syndicat National des Sociétés d’Assistance5 (SNSA).


1 National Alliance of Automotive Experts
2 The National Council of Automotive Professionals
3 The Trade Union of Companies in the Automotive Leasing and Mobility Services
4 The French Union of Electricity
5 The National Trade Union of Assistance Companies

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