Risk Analysis Standing Committee

Risk Analysis Standing Committee

The role of the French Insurance Federation’s Risk Analysis Standing Committee is to anticipate risks and make proposals in order to support the Federation’s other business-line standing committees. The rhythm of its work is dictated by discussions and decisions in parliament and by regulatory and tax changes, as well as by economic, social, climate and other events.

The Standing Committee’s mission is to consider and discuss forward-looking risk management. It detects early warning signs and compiles an inventory of all issues affecting the sector: regulatory watch, compliance, professional good practice, insurability of risks, etc.

Through this proactive approach, the Standing Committee fulfils a preventive role for the industry, enabling it to intervene before problems arise and to better deal with future challenges. It feeds into the industry’s contribution to public debate.

Composition of the Risk Analysis Standing Committee

  • Chair:  Sébastien Simon, SOGECAP

  • Vice-Chair: Philippe Marie-Jeanne, AXA France

  • Vice-Chair: François Bonnin, MACIF

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