Employment Relations Standing Committee

Employment Relations Standing Committee

The French Insurance Federation’s Employment Relations Standing Committee is a forum for consultation on and study of the collective negotiations in the insurance sector and any current issues relating to employment relations concerning the industry.

In addition to being involved in the social dialogue in the insurance sector, the Employment Relations Standing Committee acts in two areas of essential importance for the industry: anticipating changes that may impact human resources management and sharing practice around career paths and the systems and arrangements in place in insurance undertakings.

The Standing Committee has three core missions:

  • identifying future people issues and discussing how to respond to them. This first mission consists of informing the industry about the potential consequences of economic, regulatory and social changes and ensuring it is equipped to provide current and future employees of insurance companies with development opportunities and security.
  • promoting social dialogue within the industry. This involves supporting the human resources practices of insurance undertakings, particularly through a high-quality social dialogue based on trust. It is also about sharing systems for managing human resources and designing, building and implementing common systems and schemes for training and social protection.
  • representing the industry in the area of work and employment (with regard to changing skill requirements in particular), in implementing regulations and with regard to changes to existing laws and regulations, in view of the sector’s requirements and specific characteristics and future changes in representation.

These themes are shared between three committees:

  • employment-training Committee
  • Social Rights Committee
  • Committee on disabilities

Composition of the Employment Relations Standing Committee

  • Chair: Véronique Jolly, Groupe Matmut
  • Vice-Chair: Sibylle Quéré-Becker, AXA France
  • Vice-Chair:Claire Silva, AG2R La Mondiale


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