Our regional presence

Our regional presence

The French Insurance Federation is present and active in the regions through several networks of representatives.

The FFA’s correspondents

The French Insurance Federation uses a network of correspondents to disseminate its key messages in the regions.

This network has 12 correspondents, directors of regional delegations of insurance undertakings based in six major French cities (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg, Rennes and Toulouse). Their mission is to relay locally the Federation’s messages on key issues for the insurance sector and to intervene when crisis situations arise (natural disasters, technological disasters, etc.).

This network also helps to increase awareness of insurance, particularly amongst students in higher education and local opinion leaders.

The representatives of the insurance documentation and insurance centre, the CDIA (Centre de Documentation et d'Information de l'Assurance)

The CDIA is a network of insurance professionals – insurers, general agents and brokers – tasked with delivering practical and educational information about insurance to all sectors of the public (private individuals, professionals, businesses and associations).

The CDIA’s representatives carry out numerous actions throughout the year, including facilitating meetings to provide information and training on insurance at the request of industry bodies or chambers of commerce and industry, agriculture, etc., regional media, associations or schools. They may also have stalls and hold sessions at climate events in order to provide information directly to those affected and support them with their claims.

Natural risk coordinators

Natural risk coordinators are present in all departments in metropolitan France, and in Corsica. They are the contact points that provide technical advice on behalf of the insurance industry, particularly at times of major crises. They have the following two key roles:

  • Natural risk prevention. Under the responsibility of the association Mission Risques Naturels (MRN), the coordinators provide technical input to prevention policies and contribute to the provision of information and training on natural risk prevention to local and regional authorities.
  • Crisis management. Under the responsibility of the FFA and in conjunction with the network of the CDIA (Insurance Documentation and Information Centre), the coordinators contribute their expertise on the areas of cover the event involves (storm, hail, natural disasters, etc.) and the insurance mechanisms in place.

The natural risk coordinators act as the local representatives of the FFA’s insurers before the local and regional authorities. Among other things, they take part in the crisis meetings organised in the regions by the Prefectures.

Insurance career ambassadors

This national network was created in 2010 and is made up of some fifty professionals who work in insurance companies. Its aim is to promote careers in insurance. These ambassadors meet the public (young people, jobseekers, etc.) throughout the year; they visit educational establishments, attend careers days and careers fairs and take part in round tables, etc.

Regional life, health and protection insurance clubs

The 6 regional life, health and protection insurance clubs, which between them cover the whole of the territory of France, bring together insurance company sales managers; they are decentralised structures for the implementation and oversight of professional ethics. These clubs arose spontaneously out of meetings between insurance professionals in the 1970s. Their role has diversified over the years. Initially forums for discussion for life, health and protection insurance sales managers on matters such as prevention or dispute resolution, they have become centres of information on technical, commercial and regulatory developments in the insurance industry.  

If you are an organisation and wish to get into contact with one of these networks, please write to us using our contact form.