Professional training and employment

Professional training and employment

With more than 150,000 employees, the insurance sector is one of the largest employers in France. Employment and training issues are therefore priorities for the industry, which conducts a regular dialogue with the trade associations and the educational community.

Observatoire de l’Évolution des Métiers de l’Assurance

Created in 1996 under the aegis of the FFSA and the GEMA, the Observatoire de l'Évolution des Métiers de l'Assurance is an association established under the 1901 Act which monitors changes and developments in careers and job requirements in the insurance sector. It contributes to the modernisation of the industry’s system of support for management of human resources provided for by the insurance companies’ national collective agreement of 27 May 1992.

The Observatoire’s mission is to inform the industry about factors liable to bring about changes in jobs. Its work must enable the relevant stakeholders to draw the appropriate conclusions in terms of qualifications or training needs. Through the insights it provides, it contributes to the forward-looking management of jobs and skills.

The Observatoire’s work is made available to insurance companies, employers’ and employees’ organisations, students, as well as trade associations that act in the areas of employment, training and education, etc.

As a permanent monitoring structure, the Observatoire designs and implements tools (indicators, surveys, working groups, etc.) that make it possible to monitor and respond proactively to the consequences for jobs of the economic and social changes affecting the industry. It also organises and facilitates meetings of experts on specific themes relating to the issues of changes in jobs and skill requirements.

The University of Insurance

The University of Insurance was created in 2010 by the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA) and by the Mutual Insurers association (GEMA). It aims to promote insurance and risk management culture among students, professionals and decision makers from all business sectors.

The University of Insurance is a network of higher education institutions and insurance companies. Its missions are:

  • Creating and organising insurance excellence centres in academic and research institutions,
  • Building bridges between the higher education and professional insurance worlds,
  • Promoting innovation in teaching methods.

To effectively meet businesses’ recruitment needs, the University of Insurance has created, throughout France, centres of excellence providing high-level insurance training in every area.


École Dauphine Assurance (Paris)

Logo de l'Université Paris Dauphine

  • University degrees : BA, Magisterium, Masters
  • Actuarial, Insurance, Finance, Insurance Law, Wealth Management, Risk Management…


École d’économie de Toulouse

Logo Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole

  • University degrees, Masters
  • Insurance Law, Econometry, Finance, Wealth Management, Risk Management…




Institut du risque et de l’assurance (Le Mans)

Logo Université du Maine Institut du risque et de l'assurance
  • University degrees, BA, Professional BA, Masters
  • Actuarial, Assistance, Insurance, Insurance Law, Finance, Health…





Maison de l’assurance et de l’actuariat (Lyon) - Institut des assurances de Lyon - Institut de science financière et d’assurances

Logo Maison de l’assurance et de l’actuariat (Lyon) Institut des assurances de Lyon - Institut de science financière et d’assurances
  • University degrees, BA, Master
  • Insurance Law, Actuarial, Finance…



Pôle Assurance du Cnam (Paris)

Logo CNAM Paris Pôle Assurance
  • Professional BA, Master, MBA
  • Insurance, Management…





Université de Poitiers - Pôle Universitaire de Niort

Logo Université de Poitiers Pôle Universitaire de Niort
  • University degrees, BA, Masters
  • Insurance law, Finance, Management, Economy, Statistics, Actuarial...



The many curricula on offer are designed to adapt to varied student profiles and needs: initial training, vocational training, certification, work-study sessions…

Fostering transversal and international expertise helps integrating students more fluidly into the professional world.

Presentation of The University of Insurance (PDF)

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