Mission Handicap Assurance

Mission Handicap Assurance

The French Insurance Federation is committed to improving access to employment in the insurance sector for people with disabilities, through its association Mission Handicap Assurance.

Increasing the access of people with disabilities to employment in the insurance sector is a social commitment for insurers.

One of the missions of the French Insurance Federation’s Mission Handicap association is to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities in the insurance sector.

Mission Handicap association also has two other missions:

  • Drive, cooperation and innovation
    • To develop a network of partners and service providers
    • To strengthen the presence of the insurance sector in training structures
    • To carry out specific studies on disabilities in the insurance sector 
  • Information, awareness raising and mobilisation
    • To reinforce the insurance sector’s commitment to supporting people with disabilities (customers and colleagues)
    • To take actions aimed at informing and mobilising opinion leaders 

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