Member organisations of the GPSA

Member organisations of the GPSA

GPSA (Gestion professionnelle des services de l’assurance) is an economic interest grouping. It is administered by the French Insurance Federation and its mission is to manage all the resources necessary for the activity of the member trade associations: human resources, accounting and finance, general-logistics resources, premises and IT.

Composition of the Board of Directors

  • Chair:  Franck Le Vallois (FFA)
  • Vice-Chair: Stéphane Penet (FFA)
  • Director: Philippe Poiget (FFA)
  • Director: Catherine Traca (FFA)

GPSA’s member organisations

ADSA - Association pour le dialogue social dans l’assurance

ADSA’s purpose is to implement transparent financial management of the trade unions representing employees in the insurance sector.


AGIRA - Association pour la gestion des informations sur le risque en assurance

Agira is an association for the management of information on risk in insurance which brings together the insurance companies operating on the French market and the trade bodies acting in the sector.

A trade association for the insurance industry, it implements systems and mechanisms created either by the public bodies or by the industry for the public and insured parties or for insurers and their partners.

AGIRA’s activities are organised in seven specialist areas. Each area has a specific mission and its own organisation.

  • Recherche contrats assurance vie, which searches for unclaimed life insurance contracts
  • Bureau central de tarification, which sets premiums for applicants who have been refused compulsory insurance cover
  • Fichier des victimes indemnisées, a register of victims of traffic accidents who have received compensation
  • Organisme d’information, an information centre providing information to victims of traffic accidents involving a vehicle registered abroad
  • Trans PV, which seeks to speed up the payment of compensation to victims of traffic accidents through rapid transmission of police reports
  • Résiliations automobile, a register of terminations of motor insurance contracts
  • Médiation assurance, a mediation association for all insurance companies


AIAE - Association pour l’indemnisation des assurés d’Europavie, an association for the compensation of Europavie’s insured parties.


ALFA - Agence pour la lutte contre la fraude à l’assurance

Alfa is an agency that has as its core mission the organisation, at industry level, of the fight against insurance fraud. The association’s main purpose is:

  • to take action against all forms of fraud; to represent the industry, for this purpose only and on a technical level, by providing institutional links with all the relevant public or private bodies, as well as with the public services responsible for preventing and punishing offences of this nature;
  • to provide a forum for collective discussion of the problem of insurance fraud and to provide technical and statistical documentation;
  • to compile an inventory of the means of combating insurance fraud and to establish a methodology for combatting such fraud;
  • to promote a policy for the prevention of insurance fraud.


AREDOC - Association pour l’étude de la réparation du dommage corporel

The objective of Aredoc, which is an association for the study of compensation for bodily injuries, is:

  • to hold continuous multi-disciplinary discussions on all aspects of the assessment of personal injuries, taking account of new medical techniques, changing risks and changes in systems of compensation;
  • to propose, as a result of those discussions, assessment methods that will facilitate and harmonise the conditions for compensation of victims in conjunction with the professionals involved in compensating personal injury.

This work is carried out through working groups or committees set up to look at specific themes, such as serious head injuries, economic loss, aggravation of risk, the performance of specific expert assignments, etc.


ARGOS - Groupement d’assureurs français pour l’identification, la recherche et la récupération des véhicules et autres biens mobiliers déclarés volés en vue d’une indemnisation

The objective of Argos is to search for, identify and recover vehicles and other property reported stolen, with a view to compensation. It works exclusively for its member insurance companies.


BCF - Bureau central français

Within the Green Card system, the BCF guarantees compensation for victims of accidents caused by foreign vehicles in France and/or caused by French vehicles in other countries.

Green Cards, which make it possible to drive in all the system’s member countries without having to take out insurance in each one, are issued under the supervision of the BCF.

The BCF also manages the “frontier insurance” co-insurance grouping. It issues frontier insurance policies to uninsured foreign motorists (mainly for vehicles registered in countries not belonging to the Green Card system) and manages the resulting claims.


BCR - Bureau central de répartition, the central administrative and clearing body for coinsurance in France


FGAP - Fonds de garantie des assurances de personnes

The purpose of this guarantee fund is to protect the rights of insured parties, policyholders, members and beneficiaries under life insurance, capitalisation or personal injury insurance contracts or insurance contracts provided for under article L.441-1 of the French Insurance Code if a life, health and protection insurance company fails.


GAREAT - Gestion de l’assurance et de la réassurance des risques attentat et actes de terrorisme

GAREAT is a market structure which has been operational in France since 1st January 2002. Its vocation is to manage the reinsurance of the risks of attacks and acts of terrorism in France in the name and on behalf of its Members so as to allow them to meet the property damage losses arising out of attacks and acts of terrorism suffered on national territory, regardless of the country in which the act of terrorism is perpetrated.

GAREAT is composed of two sections: the “Large Risks” section, which includes risks whose sums insured amount to 20 million euros or more, and the Small and Medium-sized Risks section, which manages risks with sums insured below 20 million euros.


GATS - Groupement d'assurance de la transfusion sanguine (blood transfusion insurance group).


GCA - Gestion des conventions d'assurances

GCA is an economic interest grouping created by the FFSA and the GEMA on 9 February 1990 as a joint structure for the management of insurance-sector agreements.


GTAM - Groupement temporaire d’assurance médicale, a temporary medical insurance grouping


GTREM - Groupement temporaire de réassurance médicale, a temporary medical reinsurance grouping


MARC - Moyens d’administration de réassurance construction


Mission Handicap Assurance

The association’s aim is to promote the employment of disabled people in insurance companies.
Recognising that disabled people do not have the qualifications or level of education for a career in insurance companies, Mission Handicap Assurance has developed a tailored programme of work-linked training that will enable trainees to achieve the necessary levels of qualification insurance companies are looking for


MRN - Mission Risques Naturels

The association “Mission Risques Naturels” or MRN was created by the FFSA and the GEMA in early 2000 after a year that saw large-scale natural events (floods and storms).

Its purpose is contained in its full title: Mission des sociétés d’assurances pour la connaissance et la prévention des risques naturels (Insurance companies’ mission for the awareness and prevention of natural risks). The aim is to enable the insurance industry to contribute to a better understanding of natural risks and to make a technical contribution to prevention policies.


OEMA - Observatoire de l’évolution des métiers de l’assurance

The Observatoire’s mission is to inform the industry about factors liable to bring about changes in jobs. Its work must enable the relevant stakeholders to draw the appropriate conclusions in terms of qualifications or training needs. Through the insights it provides, it contributes to the forward-looking management of jobs and skills.

The Observatoire’s work is made available to insurance companies, employers’ and employees’ organisations, students, as well as trade associations that act in the areas of employment, training and education, etc.


ORIAS - Organisme pour le registre des intermédiaires en assurance

Orias is an association, under the supervision of the French Treasury Department, which was created in 2007 to approve insurance intermediaries, in accordance with a 2002 European Union directive.

It issues a “work permit” for these intermediaries, whether they are brokers, general agents or representatives. Its scope of action extends to intermediaries in banking operations and payment services, as well as to financial investment advisers and agents linked to investment service providers.

Orias is now responsible for keeping and updating the Register of Insurance, Banking and Finance Intermediaries.


SRA - Sécurité et réparation automobiles (vehicle safety and repair)

The purpose of the SRA is to research, within the insurance industry and with actors in the automobile sector, and implement any measures that will help to limit the number and cost of claims in the interest of insured parties.

The SRA’s principal missions are:

  • to disseminate information about vehicles to members;
  • to promote safety;
  • to contribute to protecting vehicles against theft;
  • to control the costs of repairs.

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