The international environment

The international environment

The French insurance market is the first largest in the post-Brexit Europe and the fifth largest in the world by turnover.

In order to represent the French insurance industry before European and international institutions, the French Insurance Federation has a European and international department and a permanent representative office in Brussels.

The core missions of the Brussels office are:

  • to protect and promote an environment in which French insurers can carry out their missions: to protect households and businesses and finance the economy through long-term investments;
  • to monitor regulatory and supervisory changes and ensure that they respect the specific features and characteristics of the insurance sector;
  • to facilitate balanced regulation that protects consumers and enhances the accessibility of insurance products.

The FFA is therefore in permanent contact with the European and international institutions, the supervisory authorities, foreign insurance federations and many other stakeholders.

The FFA is a member of bodies representing the insurance sector in Europe (Insurance Europe) and globally (GFIA) and makes an active contribution to the work of these organisations.

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