The economic interest grouping SINTIA manages projects on dematerialisation in health and group insurance on the FFA’s behalf. Creating websites, tools and standards makes it possible to automate the flows of information between the providers of health or group insurance and other parties such as health-care establishments and professionals, the compulsory sickness insurance funds (caisses d’assurance maladie obligatoire), businesses, management service providers, etc.

All SINTIA members are members of the FFA, which is SINTIA’s sole director.

On the FFA’s behalf, SINTIA also works on joint projects with the professional associations of the other categories of supplementary health and protection insurance providers: the Technical Centre for Provident Institutions (CTIP) and the French Federation of Mutual Insurers (FNMF). Finally, it represents the FFA on a number of professional bodies of which the Federation is a member, for example the economic interest grouping SESAM-Vitale and the public interest grouping MDS.

The main projects managed within SINTIA are:

  • Direct payment by the insurer within the framework of the Association Inter-AMC
  • The ROC (supplementary health insurers reimbursement) project for hospitals
  • The standards between risk holders and management service providers
  • Electronic reporting for employers (Déclaration Sociale Nominative)
  • Prest’IJ (dematerialisation of daily sickness benefits slips)
  • Cotizen

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