Teleworking: Insurers are applying the teleworking rule and maintaining service continuity for policyholders

Teleworking: Insurers are applying the teleworking rule and maintaining service continuity for policyholders

In response to the questions raised on telework in the insurance sector, the French Insurance Federation, Fédération Française de l’Assurance, would like to remind that insurers have promptly applied the telework rule for all roles that allow it, in accordance with the recommendations of the French Ministry of Labour, and with the sense of responsibility that is required of everyone under these circumstances.

For example, for administrative staff, insurance companies have applied the teleworking rule on a full-time basis (five days a week) for all activities that can be carried out remotely. Only a few activities that are essential to service continuity, such as IT and logistics activities, are exceptions. The major Paris Region offices report teleworking rates of over 90%.

Furthermore, the option offered to certain employees to physically return to work one day a week is only applied with extreme caution and mainly involves persons that are suffering from prolonged isolation. In this respect, insurers have set up psychological support units to help vulnerable employees.

At the same time, and because of the essential role of insurance for the country’s economy, distributors (agencies, offices, branches, etc.) remain open to the public to ensure service continuity, even if virtual contacts are preferred. In this context, work organisation methods have been adapted to ensure the safety of customers and employees: reception by appointment, rotating teams, reinforced protection procedures (masks, gel, plexiglass, physical distancing).

Insurers are committed to maintaining the continuity of their services, which are essential for society to run smoothly” said Florence Lustman, President of the FFA. “They have adapted the organisation of work, in consultation with employees and their representatives, to maintain their business while protecting employees, partners and policyholders and making extensive use of teleworking.”

The FFA also points out that insurance is today one of the most advanced sectors on the issue of telework: most insurers have had a telework agreement set up for several years and the profession is one of the few to have announced the opening of branch negotiations on this subject.