Épargner responsable grâce à mon assurance vie : c'est possible !

Publication of the practical guide “Saving responsibly is possible, thanks to my life insurance!”

The French Insurance Federation is publishing the practical guide “Saving responsibly is possible, thanks to my life insurance!” to support individuals in making savings decisions and provide them with a clear understanding of responsible products.

Savers’ interest in responsible products is growing steadily: today, two thirds of French savers place importance on the environmental and social impacts of their investment decisions1. Nevertheless, the options available to savers are still not well known by policyholders.

This is why the FFA is publishing a guide to responsible saving in the area of life insurance. The aim is to present the main principles of such investments and their benefits and to provide a list of questions for investors to ask their financial advisers before investing. This is a first step in providing savers with information, in advance of the individual information requirements that are expected to come into force for investments of this type from 2022 under the draft law on the business growth and transformation action plan (loi PACTE).

By choosing responsible investments, policyholders can support businesses that adopt practices contributing to sustainable development and that seek to control the environmental and social impacts of their activities.

This guide forms part of insurers’ commitment to responsible investment. That commitment is reflected in the inclusion of environmental and social criteria in investment strategies and also in the offering of dedicated investment products to savers.  Since the end of 2018, insurers have given a voluntary commitment that their life insurance offering will include at least one unit-linked product with a socially responsible investment, solidarity or climate label, including the TEEC (Energy and Environmental Transition for the Climate) label, and the ISR (Socially Responsible Investment) label. From 2022, multi-product contracts will have to refer to three types of unit-linked products: solidarity, TEEC and ISR.

According to Bernard Spitz, President of the French Insurance Federation: “This guide demonstrates the industry’s desire to support changes in our society in the face of environmental and social challenges. Insurers play a key role in offering responsible savings products to their clients. This guide, which addresses savers directly, will raise their awareness and explain how they can contribute to financing a more sustainable economy.”


1 Source: Ifop sampling for Vigeo Eiris and the FIR, September 2018