Replay of the 11th International Insurance Conference

Missed the eleventh international FFA conference? The live recording is online!

The French Federation Insurance welcomed more than 20 prestigious speakers, key representatives of the French, European and International insurance authorities and regulatory bodies, CEOs and top executives from major global groups, alongside with recognised experts for its 11th International Insurance Conference on the theme "Insuring the long-term in a short-term world". 

This day was a unique opportunity to debate key issues for the insurance industry around four themes.

  • Operating in a highly volatile world

Chair of the panel: Natacha Valla, Deputy Director General for Monetary Policy, European Central Bank

  • Insurance, a safe refuge in an uncertain world?

Chair of the panel: Thierry Martel, Chief Executive Officer, Groupama and Vice-Chair, FFA

  • From low to negative interest rates: How to keep insuring in a sustainable way?

Chair of the panel: Xavier Larnaudie-Eiffel, Deputy General Manager, CNP Assurances

  • European regulation from Solvency II to GDPR: a model for the world or a barrier to competition?

Chair of the panel: Jean-François Lequoy, Chief Executive Officer, Natixis Assurances and Vice-Chair, FFA

See the live recording on the conference website