The French Insurance Federation welcomes the approval of Atlas, the skills body for financial services and consultancy

The French Insurance Federation welcomes the approval of Atlas, the skills body for financial services and consultancy

On 31 March, the Ministry of Labour published the order approving Atlas, the skills operator for the consultancy, digital, banking and insurance sectors. Atlas brings together a total of 13 high-value-added professional branches in the services sector and will be put in place gradually during 2019.

Atlas is the product of in-depth discussions and negotiations between the social partners in the following sectors: consultancy and digital, insurance, banking, building surveyors and quantity surveyors, insurance intermediaries (insurance brokers and general agents), financial markets and services, as well as accountants and auditors. This new skills body (opérateur de compétences) brings together all the businesses in the banking, insurance and consultancy sectors, covering more than 1.5 million employees.

 The ambition of the signatories – including the FFA – is to put employees, businesses and the professional branches at the heart of the reform of professional training and learning, with the aim of working as closely as possible with all stakeholders throughout France.

 The branches that make up the new skills body are responding to a requirement for a high level of sectoral consistency and close relations across occupations, jobs and skills. This central objective will underpin ATLAS’s success.

 ATLAS will consist of the existing teams of the skills body FAFIEC and the training funds collection and management body OPCABAIA; these teams are recognised for their expertise in the areas of financial services and consultancy and will be capable of evolving to perform their new roles.

 Atlas will have a country-wide network providing good local coverage and adapted to the needs of the relevant businesses and their employees. It will also rapidly enhance its range of innovative services through new actions, including for insurers and insurance intermediaries.

 According to Bernard Spitz, President of the FFA : “The skills challenge is an issue of vital importance for our sectors, which are particularly affected by technological and digital changes. The skills body ATLAS, which is the result of a collective agreement signed by all the trade union organisations in the insurance branch, will provide us with the means to implement our professional training and learning policy in order better to serve our employees and companies”.