FFA – GDV joint declaration

FFA – GDV joint declaration on the occasion of the signature of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle of 22 January 2019 on Franco-German cooperation and integration

56 years after the Elysée Treaty was signed, the French Insurance Federation (FFA) and the German Insurance Association (GDV) welcome the initiative of the German and French governments to strengthen their cooperation in the area of European politics within the framework of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle and to deepen political, economic and social integration between the two countries.

The FFA and the GDV recall the essential role played by the Elysée Treaty in the rapprochement between Germany and France. German and French citizens share common values and are working together on a European project of peace and prosperity. Franco-German cooperation is essential to the stability of European politics. In view of the uncertainty concerning the United Kingdom’s future, rethinking the future of Europe and deepening cooperation between France and Germany is crucially important.

The FFA and the GDV support the objective of creating a Franco-German economic area with common rules. Integration of the two countries’ national economies can only contribute to convergence of the insurance markets and good decision-making at European level. The FFA and the GDV also support the desire for bilateral harmonisation of the two countries’ laws. They invite their governments to engage in a dialogue with the insurance sector as part of this process, which would enable the whole regulatory framework to be reviewed in order to reduce superfluous and obsolete regulation.

For five years, the FFA and the GDV have been deepening their partnership through regular discussions on European issues. The two associations have sought to improve European legislation in key areas for the sector, such as prudential legislation and regulation of distribution. This coordination has been exemplary, despite the specific characteristics of the national markets and legal systems.

The FFA and the GDV welcome the growing cooperation in the area of digital transformation, and artificial intelligence in particular, and reaffirm the need for a joint strategy at both European and international level. The two associations call on the French and German governments to create a harmonised regulatory framework that takes account of their respective supervisory and consumer protection requirements when drawing up national and European guidelines.