Mixité, diversité et égalité professionnelles : les assureurs montrent la voie

The FFA and five trade union organisations formalise the launch of an agreement on gender equality, diversity and equal work opportunities for women and men in insurance companies

The French Insurance Federation and five trade union organisations - CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, FO and UNSA - have just made official, in the presence of French Minister Elisabeth Moreno, the signing of a new agreement on gender equality, diversity and equal work opportunities for women and men in insurance companies.

This agreement demonstrates the branch’s leading role in engaging stakeholders and promoting policies for inclusion and the fight against all forms of discrimination. It is in line with the approach initiated in 2008 by the insurance sector, aimed at promoting gender equality-diversity and achieving equal work opportunities between women and men.

This agreement includes specific measures, structured around four commitments:

  • Promoting inclusion policies and fighting against all forms of discrimination - a principle common to all the groups covered by the agreement (women, LGBT+, young people, seniors, disabled workers).
  • Achieving real equal work and pay equality between women and men, by committing to positioning this challenge as a strong axis of the sector’s social policy.
  • Fighting against sexual harassment, gender-based behaviour and violence at work, by integrating innovative measures to raise collective awareness of this issue.
  • Pursuing an inclusive policy in favour of specific groups: integrating young people to improve their chances of success, keeping older employees in employment and ensuring the growth of their careers and wages, increasing the employment of disabled workers.

It includes strong commitments for the sector, particularly in terms of gender equality, with incentives to encourage paternity leaves to be taken, but also in terms of the inclusion and integration of young people by strengthening the use of work-study programmes.

“In order to grow in a responsible and sustainable way, and to enable its employees to work in the best possible conditions, today’s company must face the social challenges of its times head on”, says Florence Lustman, President of the Fédération Française de l’Assurance. “Because the insurance sector has always been a driving force of social innovation, I am particularly proud of the formalisation of this agreement today in the presence of Minister Elisabeth Moreno, and alongside five of the social partners of the insurance sector.”

Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, responsible for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, states : “Because I believe that companies should be driving forces in our society, at the forefront and in the limelight, the professional branches that represent them should be even further ahead. This agreement, which bears the fruit of the collective intelligence between the employers’ and employees’ trade union organisations, is a further step towards greater gender equality and inclusion, particularly for our youth.”