The French Insurance Federation announces a new scheme to cover the cost of psychotherapy


In a climate of uncertainty, deprived of social interaction, leisure and, for some, work, the mental health of the French, and more particularly young people, is suffering a blow after a year of health crisis. Faced with the increasing number of situations of distress related to mental health, the insurers of the Fédération Française de l’Assurance, in conjunction with the Mutualité Française and the Institutions de Prévoyance, have decided to act and are setting up a new scheme.

Throughout the year, insurers will reimburse psychotherapy sessions from the first euro to their policyholders covered by complementary (top-up) health insurance.

Within this specific context, up to 4 sessions may be covered by complementary health insurers on medical referral up to a limit of 60€/session. As a reminder, psychotherapy sessions are currently not covered by the compulsory health insurance scheme.

The Complementary Health Insurance Organisations wish to initiate a dialogue with the representatives of the unions of doctors and psychologists to organise and facilitate the operational terms of such an initiative.

The industry expresses its full support to those who are suffering the consequences of this crisis. In view of the increasing psychological distress of our fellow citizens, it is essential that we collectively commit to facilitating access to psychotherapy.  More than ever, we are standing by our policyholders to support them during this difficult period” says Florence Lustman, President of the French Insurance Federation.


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