Commitments given by supplementary health insurers


The supplementary health insurers that are members of the French Insurance Federation have decided to demonstrate their solidarity with their insured parties in the present difficult economic and social situation.

1/ As a result, they undertake to implement specific, immediate measures to support French people’s purchasing power:

  • There will be no increase in premiums associated with the “100% health” reform for 2019. Insurers that were planning an increase undertake not to implement it.
  • The supplementary health insurers will hold down their management fees from 2019: there will be no increase in these fees for the next year.
  • They undertake, as a one-off measure, to fully reimburse the increases in premiums planned for 2019 for their basic contracts, under which there are in total more than 5 million insured parties in France. Each insurer will choose the process they will put in place for the purposes of such reimbursement.

The supplementary health insurers’ professional bodies will make a recommendation to their members as soon as possible for implementation of these measures; the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) will be responsible for supervising correct implementation.

2/ In addition to these immediate support measures, the supplementary health insurers are also proposing to engage in discussions over the medium term on how to improve their healthcare offer:

  • They will offer to discuss with the public authorities how to accelerate implementation of the “100% health” reform during 2019.
  • They wish to contribute to improving the functioning of supplementary health insurance assistance (Aide à la complémentaire santé) to enable French citizens with the lowest incomes to access this support, since around 65% of those eligible do not take it up.
  • More generally, better cooperation between Compulsory Health Insurance and supplementary health insurers should be sought. There is, indeed, much that the supplementary health insurers can do for our citizens: prevention activities, therapeutic education, etc.

Bernard Spitz, president of the French Insurance Federation, said: “In the present exceptional circumstances, health insurers’ principal concern is to ensure that the French people are provided with quality services within a spirit of reform and responsibility. Our aim is to ensure the greatest number of people receive the best healthcare possible”.


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