Publications list

Publications list

To preserve European competitiveness and sovereignty, the Connected Mobility for All Alliance has drawn up a document that aims to facilitate the understanding of the different ways to access vehicle data and resources and specifies the main strategic, technical and economic challenges. To make the connected vehicle ecosystem balanced and accessible to all, eight principles to be implemented are also proposed. The goal is for the upstream and downstream branches of the automotive industry to develop common and shared solutions, in the fundamental interest of users.

Solvency II review: for a sustainable and competitive european

In December 2020, the European insurance supervisor (EIOPA) has submitted to the European Commission its Opinion on the ongoing Solvency II 2020 Review. The French Insurance Federation (FFA) believes that many proposals from EIOPA appear disputable not only in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of need and impact.

15 tips to insure yourself wisely

Insurance protects you every day against the consequences of events you may have caused, or suffer.
There are different types of insurance: some protect you or your family from the fallout of an accident, some safeguard your property and your assets, others cover the consequences of damage you may have
caused. Without insurance, you would have to personally cover the consequences of any damage you cause or experience.

Socially responsible savings with my life insurance policy...Yes it's possible!

Since 2018, French insurers are fully committed to include in their life insurance offerings at least one units of account (UC) vehicle carrying an ISR, ethical or climate label, in particular the TEEC label (Energy and Ecological Transition for Climate), or the ISR label (Socially Responsible Investment).

Knowing you better to better insure you

The mission of insurers is to protect you and your loved ones. To support you and your projects. To safeguard you against life’s difficult moments. The current evolution towards a digital world is changing our habits, our lives and our environment. That is why we want to stress our full commitment to ethics, transparency and security. We insurers collect and use personal data: your personal data. This is necessary in order to provide you with a high-quality service in the performance of our job.

Motor insurance: how to get your no-claims  bonus in France  acknowledged abroad ?

Moving abroad from France involves a certain number of administrative steps for your vehicle: you will have to go through the process of registering it in your new country of residence and changing the motor insurance. 

If you are able to keep your vehicle registered in France, this article does not affect you. You will be able to keep your French motor insurance. 

Motor insurance: how to get your no-claims  bonus in France  acknowledged abroad ?

Dieses Informationsblatt richtet sich an Fahrzeughalter, die von Frankreich in ein anderes EU-Land umziehen und dort ihr Auto zulassen möchten.

Für den Fall, dass Ihr Fahrzeug weiterhin in Frankreich zugelassen bleiben kann, sind Sie von folgenden Informationen nicht betroffen. 

2017 annual report

The French Insurance Federation (FFA) publishes its 2017 annual report.
Faced with such unpredictability and precarious balance, the insurance industry provides security in the present and prepares for the future by responding to tomorrow’s challenges.

Climate-related financial reporting: Operational framework for a constructive dialogue between investors and companies

In order to analyse and manage their portfolios, investors and asset management companies need information on the climate strategy of the companies in which they invest. A joint initiative has been set up under the umbrella of the French Business Confederation (MEDEF), the French Insurance Federation (FFA), and the French Asset Management Association (AFG) in order to define a common reporting framework on corporate climate strategy and related indicators.

Hurricane prevention and preparation of your home

The most important measure you can take to reduce damage to your home and property is to protect the areas where wind can enter.  It is important to strengthen the exterior of your house so wind and debris do not tear large openings in it.  You can do this by protecting and reinforcing these five critical areas: roof, shutters, doors and garage doors.

Roadmap for reinforcing ESG and climate criteria in insurers' investment strategies (PDF)

In Spring 2017, the FFA’s Sustainable Development Committee and its Economic and Financial Committee set up a working group to assess the integration of ESG and climate criteria into insurers’ investment strategies and establish recommendations for the industry. The results of the group’s work demonstrate the industry’s engagement with the challenges of sustainable development.

2016 Annual Report

The French Insurance Federation (FFA) publishes its 2016 annual report. Throughout 2016, insurers have performed their core missions: protecting households and businesses and providing the French with a secure means of saving for their future.

Climate risks : Impact on natural hazards insurance between now and 2040

The increasing frequency and intensity of natural hazards is often cited as an early indicator of climate change. Insurers, using past figures for insurance payments for damage caused by natural hazards having occurred in metropolitan France, have attempted, with the study Climate Change and Insurance (Changement climatique et assurance), to reply to the following question: Is it possible to put a figure on the impact of climate change on insurance between now and 2040 ?

 Strategic review document : Toward better prevention of and protection against natural hazards

In November 2015, the French Insurance Federation (Fédération Française de l’Assurance - FFA) published a study titled Climate Change and Insurance to 2040 (Changement climatique et assurance à l’horizon 2040)1. It projects the rising cost of natural hazards in France over the next 25 years.

Construction insurance: the “Bureau” of European manufacturers set up by the FFA

In France, the decennial guarantee is compulsory for all manufacturers. To help European manufacturers in their efforts, the FFA has implemented a “Bureau”.

Decennial liability insurance in France

The guide "Decennial liability insurance: a guide designed for european builders" is designed to help you prepare for the interview that will allow you to procure decennial liability insurance to cover your general liability for construction projects undertaken in France.

Decennial liability insurance in France

Dieser Ratgeber soll Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihr Vorhaben im Hinblick auf den Abschluss einer "Assurance garantie décennale" (Zehnjahres Gewährleistungsversicherung) für Ihre Leistungen bei einem Bauprojekt in Frankreich vorzubereiten.

Decennial liability insurance in France

La guida "Assicurativa decennale : caratteristiche guida pratica per le imprese edili europee" è destinata ad aiutare il lettore a ben preparare il colloquio in vista della sottoscrizione della polizza assicurativa decennale che copre la responsabilità professionale nell’ambito dell’attività edilizia in Francia.

Decennial liability insurance in France

La guía "Seguro decenal en Francia : guía para uso de los constructores europeos" está destinada a ayudarle a preparar su entrevista para suscribir un contrato de seguro de responsabilidad decenal que cubra su actividad durante la realización de obras en Francia.