Key facts and figures

Key facts and figures

According to the annual study published by Insurance Europe, the European (re)insurance federation, Europe is in second place of the world global insurance market in 2018, behind Asia-Pacific and ahead of North America.

Features of this 2017 edition:
- The economic and financial environment
- The insurance sector
- Life, health and protection insurance
- Property and casualty insurance
- The insurance sector’s financial activity
- French insurers’ international activity
- Statistics

With 10,000 billion euros of assets under management, insurers are among the leading institutional investors in Europe. The insurance industry is willing and able to finance Europe’s economic priorities such as transport, energy and climate change.

Contents: Key figures - Property and casualty insurance in 2015  - Life, health and protection insurance in 2015  - Insurance and households’ long-term savings in 2015 - Insurance and social protection of households in 2014  - The insurance industry’s financial activity in 2015 - Statistical section - Premiums - Benefits - Accounting data - Insurance companies’ investments - Financial data