Life insurance market: Positive net inflows in December 2019

Net inflows for December 2019 were 1.1 billion euros.

From the start of the year, insurance companies collected 144.7 billion Euros of premiums (compared to 139.7 billion Euros over the same period in 2018). 

Payments to unit-linked products accounted for 39.5 billion Euros from the start of the year, i.e.   27 % of premiums.

Over the same period insurance companies paid out benefits of 118.5 billion Euros (118.2 billion euros in 2018).

Net inflows of the year were 26.2 billion Euros (compared to 21.5 billion euros over the same period in 2018).

At end December 2019 in-force life insurance business (mathematical provisions + profit sharing provisions) stood at 1 788 billion Euros (up 6 % year-on-year).