In 2016, the market for supplementary health insurance and protection insurance was supported by group contracts

Three families of insurers offer health and protection insurance in France: provident institutions governed by the Social Security Code, insurance companies governed by the Insurance Code and mutual insurance companies governed by the Mutual Insurance Code.

The market for supplementary health insurance and protection insurance grew by 1.6% in 2016, with premiums of €56.7 bn. This growth was driven by the increase in group contracts (+2.7% compared to +0.6% for individual contracts). Group contracts now account for half of premiums.

Supplementary health insurance and protection insurance premiums in 2016

The supplementary health insurance market grew by 1.6%, to €36.3 bn in premiums

In supplementary health insurance, the growth in the volume of premiums came from the growth in group contracts (to €16.9 bn in 2016, +5.5% compared to 2015). Group contracts benefited from implementation of the Employment Security Act (loi de sécurisation de l’emploi), which rolled out supplementary insurance provision on 1 January 2016. The fall in the volume of premiums from individual contracts remained modest (to €19.4 bn, ‑1.6%).

Provident institutions and insurance companies experienced similar growth in premium volumes (+3.9% for provident institutions and +3.5% for insurance companies). For mutual insurance companies, premiums remained almost unchanged (‑0.3%). Market shares (individual and group) were 51% for mutual insurance companies, 31% for insurance companies and 18% for provident institutions.

The protection insurance market grew by 1.7%, to €20.5 bn in premiums

In protection insurance, it was premiums from individual contracts that drove the growth of the market (+5.5% compared to ‑1.2% for premiums from group contracts). Nevertheless, group contracts continued to account for the majority of premiums, at 56%.

The overall growth of the market masked differences in the performance of the different actors. Mutual insurance companies achieved the highest growth in premiums (+5.1%), ahead of insurance companies (+4.1%), while provident institutions’ premiums fell (‑4.3%). Market shares were 65% for insurance companies, 28% for provident institutions and 7% for mutual insurance companies.

Cotisations en assurance santé en 2016

Cotisations en assurance prévoyance en 2016

Source : CTIP, FFA, FNMF

Note: due to rounding, the sum of health premiums and protection premiums is not always the same as the total.

Note on methodology
The breakdown of premium volumes is determined by entity, according to the list of approved organisations published by the French prudential supervisory authority, the ACPR. A view based on groups would be different as the breakdown would then be determined by the legal category of the company or institution at the head of the group and not that of each individual entity. In 2016, for example, including the premiums of public limited insurance companies whose shares are held by mutual insurance companies governed by the Mutual Insurance Code in the premiums of mutual insurance companies would change the market share of mutual insurance companies from 50.8% to 51.1% for health and from 7.3% to 10.6% for protection. Similarly, according to a view based on groups, the market share of provident institutions would be 27.5% for health and 33.1% for protection.