Attitude Prévention

Assurance Prévention

Through its association Assurance Prévention, the French Insurance Federation is involved in prevention of road-related risks, non-road and non-work related accidents, and health risks.

Prevention is an integral part of insurers’ work. It is an important cause, inseparable from insurers’ social responsibility, and all insurers are engaged in it.

Standing alongside their insured parties when an accident or loss occurs, insurers provide them with the best possible support to mitigate the consequences. But they owe it to themselves to go further and make their insured parties aware of the risks before accidents or losses occur. That is why the French Insurance Federation’s members carry out, on an individual basis, numerous campaigns to raise awareness, and also invest in collective actions within the association Assurance Prévention.

Resulting from the merger of the Assureurs Prévention and GEMA Prévention associations, Assurance Prévention has the following missions:

  • to raise awareness about prevention (particularly road-related risks, non-work and non-road accidents and health risks) on behalf of all the members of the French Insurance Federation;
  • to design and implement actions to raise awareness of road-related risks, risks in the home and health risks, aimed at the general public and companies, alone or in partnership with other organisations;
  • to act as a point of reference for the analysis of quantitative data associated with road-related risks, risks of non-work and non-road accidents and health risks;