Created at the initiative of Bernard Spitz in 2008, the Conseil d'Orientation et de Réflexion de l'Assurance (CORA) is an independent forum for discussion that aims to increase exchanges of information and ideas between the insurance world and civil society.

Contributing to public debate

CORA was set up in response to the desire of insurers to fully assume their social role and to contribute to public debate. Insurance cuts across other sectors and is at the heart of many public issues, particularly those concerning the social transformation of the country. New solutions need to be found for the economic and social challenges facing society. Given its long-term economic model and its experience in managing risk, the insurance industry must play a role in bringing forward proposals in this regard.

The diversity and quality of CORA’s members provide insurers with an opportunity to enrich their discussions concerning the social culture required to respond to the major challenges of our times.

Among other things, CORA has offered is perspective and contribution on the issues of the ageing population, health, public liability and sustainable development. The fact that its members are able freely to express a wide range of points of view makes it possible to cast light on all elements of society.

List of members and themes available on the french version of the website.