During the annual convention of AMRAE, the French risk management association, Bernard Spitz, President of the FFA, presented the results of the first emerging risks barometer for the insurance industry. This risk mapping, prepared by the “Evolving Risks” working group of the FFA’s Risk Analysis Committee, identifies the emerging risks that could significantly affect the insurance and reinsurance sector in France.

Assurance vie : collecte nette positive en décembre 2017

Net inflows for December 2017 were 0.5 billion euros.

In 2017, insurance companies collected 131.5 billion Euros of premiums (compared to 133.9 billion Euros in 2016). Payments to unit-linked products accounted for 36.7 billion Euros from the start of the year, i.e. 28 % of premiums (20% in 2017).

Inondations : les assureurs sont mobilisés  pour accompagner les sinistrés

At a meeting this morning with the Minister for the Economy and Finance, the chairman of the FFA, together with a delegation of insurers, described what the industry is doing to help people affected by the recent floods.  Insurers are working on the ground alongside the public authorities, elected officials and the emergency services and are taking urgent action to speed up the handling of claims.

Les assureurs innovent au service de l’investissement productif

At the Grand rendez-vous de l’investissement productif (Productive Investment Conference) held at the National Assembly today, insurers emphasised their commitment to long-term savings, the principal instrument for financing the productive economy.

Déclaration conjointe FFA – GDV à l’occasion du 55ème anniversaire du Traité de l’Elysée du 22 janvier 1963 entre la France et l’Allemagne

On the 55th birthday of the Élysée Treaty, the French Insurance Federation (FFA) and the German Insurance Association (GDV) take the opportunity to highlight their close collaboration.

Together FFA and GDV are and remain fully committed toward the European Union, the European Economy and the European citizens. In the context of the Brexit, this collaboration is crucial today more than ever to the success of the European Union. 

Report "Insuring cyber risk" - January 2018

From Christopher Columbus to the invention of the combustion engine, from the printing press to nanoscience, technical progress has always carried new risks. This has never been truer than of cyber technologies. Anyone now has cheap and easy access to hacking tools. Meanwhile, the unrelenting digitisation of production processes has created windfall opportunities for criminals. Add the human factor and the unavoidable loopholes it introduces anywhere where protective, but costly, redundancies were not included from the start.
It’s no longer a question of whether cybercrime may occur but when it will.

Storm Eleanor led to several deaths and many injuries. It also caused significant damage to property over a very large part of the country. It followed storms Bruno and Carmen, which crossed France in recent days.


Les assureurs et réassureurs du monde entier lancent  un nouvel "Appel pour le climat

Two years after COP21 and the “Appeal on Climate Change” launched at the initiative of the French Insurance Federation with the support of Insurance Europe, 35 European and international insurance and reinsurance associations reaffirm their commitment to the fight against climate change.

Plan d’Epargne Retraite Entreprises :  un développement qui se maintient au 3ème trimestre 2017

Contributions to Company Pension Savings Plans1% during the first nine months of 2017 to 1,870 million Euros. Voluntary payments accounted for 60 million Euros of this figure -3.2%).

Les assureurs annoncent trois nouvelles initiatives  en faveur de la lutte contre le changement climatique

A few days before the “One Planet Summit”, French insurers and reinsurers underline their commitment to climate protection. The industry announces three initiatives to support the fight against climate change.