The FFA details its “CATEX” project

The CATEX project is an insurance scheme that the FFA proposes to set up in partnership with the French State. It aims to cover companies against the financial consequences of a lockdown imposed by the public authorities within the framework of a pandemic or epidemic thanks to the payment of a “resilience lump-sum” enabling them to get through the crisis. Since the initial work presented to the government on 11 June, this draft scheme has evolved thanks to the exchanges with various stakeholders. It is a balanced insurance scheme that has just been presented to the public authorities, which will have to follow up on this proposal.

Life insurance: Negative net inflows in October 2020

Net inflows for October 2020 were 154 million. Insurance life premiums amounted to 10.9 billion, of which 34% were payments to unit-linked products. Paid-out benefits in October amounted to 11.0 billion.

Solvency 2

The Review of Solvency II is one of the most important topics in insurance regulation. Representatives of the EU-Commission, European Parliament, Member States, Supervisory Authoritites and the Insurance Industry discussed the actual proposals by EIOPA in a virtual panel organised by the Italian (ANIA), French (FFA) and German (GDV) insurance associations. A recording of these events are now online.

Signature of a Branch Agreement on Forward Employment & Skills Management and Vocational Education & Training

The French Insurance Federation and four trade unions - CFDT, CFE-CGC, UNSA and CFTC - have just signed a new agreement on the Forward Employment and Skills Management (FESM) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) within insurance companies.

Communiqué de presse des associations et fédérations représentatives des bailleurs et des commerçants relatif à la mise en œuvre du crédit d’impôt incitant à l’annulation des loyers des commerces fermés

Since the commitments made by the federations of landlords on 17 April and the establishment of a charter of best practices for the negotiation of Q2 2020 rent waivers or postponements, the members of the federations of landlords, the insurers and CDC Habitat have started implementing rent postponements and waivers for periods when shops are closed as part of discussions with their tenants. Some of these discussions are still ongoing and must continue.

Franck Le Vallois

The French Insurance Federation announces the appointment of Franck Le Vallois as Managing Director.

Chaired by Florence Lustman, the FFA brings together insurance and reinsurance companies operating in France. Franck Le Vallois’ mission will be to lead all the transformations that will contribute to supporting the changes occurring within the insurance sector.

The French Insurance Federation expresses its solidarity with policyholders in this new period of lockdown

As the country prepares for its second period of lockdown, the French Insurance Federation expresses its full solidarity with the French people and the entire community of policyholders.
Update : 4 november 2020

Insurance and sustainable finance

On the occasion of Climate Finance Day, the Paris financial market announced today the launch of the Sustainable Finance Observatory, a world first. This Observatory, in which the Fédération Française de l'Assurance (FFA) is participating, aims to contribute to transparency, monitoring and evaluation of the gradual transformation of the financial sector as a whole. On this occasion, the FFA is publishing a report (only in French) on “Sustainable Insurance and Finance”, with a focus on the sector’s 2019 key figures.

Life insurance: Negative net inflows in September 2020

Net inflows for September were 0.8 billion.

Insurance life premiums amounted to 9.4 billion. Paid-out benefits amounted to 10.2 billion.

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Following the deadly and devastating floods that plunged the Alpes-Maritimes department into mourning, insurers and CCR made a first estimate of claims in terms of number and cost.

A total of 14,000 claims are expected to be filed for a cost of insured losses that is expected to reach €210 million. Insurers and CCR are committed to handling these claims as quickly as possible.